Fighting Chronic Lyme Disease

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Deanna is still very ill, cannot take care of herself, and is back in San Diego being seen by Dr Novak, Institute for Specialized Medicine, and still see’s Dr Steven Harris in Foster City, CA. Thank you for any donation for now this horrid nightmare has gone on over 9 years.

Politicians “Take On” Chronic Lyme Disease

Fox CT Health Watch, Aug 12, 2012: Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut wants to pass a bill that will change how doctors and patients view Lyme disease, and recognize the need for more awareness and research on both short-term and long-term effects of the disease.

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Medical Research: 365 Medical Conditions Linked to Lyme Disease Infection

A Disease Frequently Misdiagnosed (Repost Courtesy of Nutramedix) Katrina Tang, M.D., HMD, founder and Director of Research at the Sierra Integrative Medicine Clinic in Reno, Nevada, states that Lyme disease eludes many doctors because of its ability to mimic many other diseases. According to an informal study […]

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Medical Research: Long-Lasting & Resistant Forms of Lyme Similar to Syphilis Found in Brain

From the Journal of Neuroinflammation (September 2008): Non-typical and cystic forms of Lyme bacteria have been found in the brain, which are similar to those in syphilis. The persistence of these more resistant spirochete forms may explain the long latent stage and persistence of Borrelia infections (i.e. […]

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Medical Research: Lyme Found in Other Biting Insects Besides Ticks

From the Journal of Clinical Microbiology: Borrelia Burgdorferi (i.e. Lyme Disease) was found not only in tested ticks but also in other biting insects such as mosquitoes, horse flies and deer flies… Click here to read the full research paper

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Medical Research: Scientific Confirmation of Bartonella Transmission from Mother to Fetus

From the Journal of Clinical Microbiology: A research study in 2010 provides the first scientific evidence that Bartonella (a common co-infection of Lyme Disease) can be transmitted to children in utero or during cesarean section. The paper further reports that, based on other research, an increasing number […]

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Dr. Stricker’s Lyme Talk Based on Comments by Dr. Kinderlehrer on the Today Show

Raphael B. Stricker, M.D. Hematology and Immunotherapy San Francisco, California 94108 Lyme Disease Talking Points Based on comments by Dr. Dan Kinderlehrer on the Today Show, June 10, 2002 1:  Lyme disease is an epidemic, already the fastest growing in the U.S., with new cases surpassing AIDS.  […]

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"In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of Chronic Lyme Disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine."
Kenneth B. Liegner, MD
Board Certified Internist + training in Pathology and Critical Care Medicine / NY