Fighting Chronic Lyme Disease

Deanna Update July 3, 2013

Received my third full dose of IVIG (human plasma) on July 1st. My labs came back positive for two types of Pneumoniae and staff infection. Very hard to breathe and remain bedridden or glued to an IV chair at my doctors. Going in for chest x-ray and ultra-sound of spleen next week. My cancer screening from Oncoblot labs came back Negative. They test for 26 types of cancer. Brand new lab this year that every human on earth should utilize. They can catch cancer years before most people ever have symptoms or visible on current imaging methods.

"In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of Chronic Lyme Disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine."
Kenneth B. Liegner, MD
Board Certified Internist + training in Pathology and Critical Care Medicine / NY