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KTVU News Reports: Lyme Transmitted Person-to-Person?

Article by John Fowler (May 8, 2014) KTVU News, BAY AREA — Some Bay Area doctors call Lyme disease a hidden epidemic. Once thought rare in California, Lyme disease appears to be all too common. Its devastating symptoms can begin as long as several years after exposure. […]

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You Do Not Have to Leave Your Home to Get Lyme

The research study results from Dr. Stricker announced earlier this year (suggesting Lyme as a possible sexually transmitted disease) is still making waves in certain media circles. To read the full recap posted by, click here. Perhaps the boldest statement yet came from Dr. Stricker himself: […]

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Dr. Alan MacDonald on Discovering Lyme Bacteria in the Brain of Alzheimer Patients

Don’t miss the comprehensive expert review on the subject of Alzheimer’s linked to Lyme disease and more… in this fascinating interview with Dr. Alan MacDonald: Part I: Part II: Part III:

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New Stanford Study Finds Lyme Infected Ticks Widespread in San Francisco Bay Area

(Published by the Stanford News Service, Feb 18 2014) “A Stanford study has found that ticks infected with the bacterium that causes Lyme disease and a newly identified human pathogen are widespread in the San Francisco Bay Area.” “(the study) to be published in the March issue […]

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Lyme Is Much More Than “Tick-Borne”

While ticks do transmit Lyme disease, it may be a disservice to keep telling the public through the media that Lyme is a “tick-borne” disease (only). This disease can be transmitted through sexual activity, by nearly all biting insects, blood transfusions, mother to fetus, through animal bites […]

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Putting 300,000 New Cases of Lyme a Year in Perspective

Now that the CDC recently admitted that the estimated number of new cases of Lyme disease infection each year is 300,000 instead of 30,000… consider for a moment that the real number is most probably even higher because many people don’t realize they have been infected. Oftentimes […]

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Warning about Arsenic Levels in Rice and Rice-Based Foods

As if it weren’t difficult enough for us Lyme patients to keep up with all the nutritional requirements, limitations and supplements, Consumer Reports studies recently confirmed the existence of detectable levels of arsenic in many rice products. It has already been established that apple seeds, for example, […]

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Prevalence of Lyme Disease in the US Is 10-Times Higher Than Previously Reported

As Dr. Mercola states, “According to preliminary statistics just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease are diagnosed in the US each year. This is about 10 times higher than the officially reported number of cases, indicating […]

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Feel Bad? It Could Be Lyme Unless Proven Otherwise

Do you have symptoms that come and go? Are you on a medication merry go round? Have you been to 10 or 20 doctors without relief? Maybe you’ve been misdiagnosed. Read the full article here published on the Huffington Post.

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CDC Estimates 300,000 New US Lyme Patients Each Year

Previously, the only official figure from the CDC regarding Lyme disease was the number of new cases reported to the agency, about 30,000 a year. This number was always believed to be unrealistically low by comparison to the actual number of new Americans who might be infected […]

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"In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of Chronic Lyme Disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine."
Kenneth B. Liegner, MD
Board Certified Internist + training in Pathology and Critical Care Medicine / NY