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Saline Breast Implants Out

I know my posts have been quiet recently and this is why. After weeks of preparation, consultations with doctors, lab testing, interviews with surgeons, more testing, it’s finally done. My saline implants were explanted by Dr. Kolb in Atlanta last Friday, who is the nation’s leading expert […]

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Deanna’s Story Featured in Lyme Disease United Coalition Newsletter

Deanna’s hardship story with Lyme disease and co-infections has been featured on page 6 of the August edition of the LDUC newsletter. To read the full article, click here

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Deanna Update July 3, 2013

Received my third full dose of IVIG (human plasma) on July 1st. My labs came back positive for two types of Pneumoniae and staff infection. Very hard to breathe and remain bedridden or glued to an IV chair at my doctors. Going in for chest x-ray and ultra-sound […]

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3rd IVIG & Experiment with Merrem Abx

Getting IVIG (human plasma) all day today. Merrem Iv antibiotics was by far the most painful antibiotic IV I have ever had. Really tortured my stomach even after all the binders, probiotics, glutathione, glutagenics, fennel tea, Nux vomica, activated charcoal, etc. Had to stop after a week. […]

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Second Plasma Dose (IVIG)

Last Monday I had my second IVIG IV dose. This is human plasma for those not familiar with IVIG.  No success yet of insurance coverage and very expensive (thousands per month). Merrem will be my next IV antibiotic starting next week, and super expensive at over $2,000 […]

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Back from CT after my first dose of IVIG (plasma)

The plane ride to JFK had a ton of turbulence and made me very sick to stomach. Cried on the flight in agony holding ice to my throbbing head and neck while dripping a saline IV into me. Peeing every 25 minutes throughout the 5.5 hour flight […]

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Stanford Hospital

Spent last weekend at Stanford Hospital. My hematologist was ready to give me a blood transfusion due to bite marks out of all my red blood cells and extremely anemic RBC at 2.71 and hemoglobin low. I was not able to get the transfusion. They wanted to […]

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Have had my picc line in my arm

Have had my picc line in my arm since last November 2011. So crossing my fingers I can get another year out of my picc line. Injecting Cathflow to unclog the line has been working every few weeks (although it is expensive). Hope I can make it […]

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IV antibiotics have been tough

IV antibiotics have been tough. Keeping my white blood cells up has been a challenge along with keeping liver enzymes down. Seems like every time I start to get on a pattern I have to stop due to blood cells and organs being compromised.

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"In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of Chronic Lyme Disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine."
Kenneth B. Liegner, MD
Board Certified Internist + training in Pathology and Critical Care Medicine / NY