Fighting Chronic Lyme Disease

Back from CT after my first dose of IVIG (plasma)

The plane ride to JFK had a ton of turbulence and made me very sick to stomach. Cried on the flight in agony holding ice to my throbbing head and neck while dripping a saline IV into me. Peeing every 25 minutes throughout the 5.5 hour flight and having the nice man next to me get out of his seat nonstop to let me go pee (I had middle seat). I was so weak already and JFK is not wheelchair friendly. Taking the train to rental car station is taxing, and then driving in the rain and lightening storm to Orange CT for another almost two hours. After switching the smoke smelling rental car we thankfully made it to the hotel (which I could tell is moldy). Sometimes I think the lightening bolt is always above my head zapping me during this disease because not much is ever easy 🙂

Very happy I was given the go ahead for IVIG (plasma) and got my first test dose while in CT. It really knocks you out while getting it. Will continue to get IVIG every three weeks in hopes of gaining some strength.
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"In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of Chronic Lyme Disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine."
Kenneth B. Liegner, MD
Board Certified Internist + training in Pathology and Critical Care Medicine / NY